Along story

Our story.

Along was founded in 2022 by two brothers with a decade of experience building companies with YCombinator, Rocket Internet & Techstars startups in San Francisco, New York, Copenhagen, and Berlin.

We have built the #1 Buyer Engagement Platform with the most advanced deal co-pilot to empower B2B sales teams with truthful engagement data for a more predictable and scalable sales process enabled by SQL and AI - ultimately increasing their top line.

Having worked with hundreds of B2B sales teams from leading companies, we have a strong and growing customer base in the EU, the US, and beyond.

The founders

We are Julian and Freddy. Two brothers holding together strong as kids...

... and even stronger now as entrepreneurs.

Born by the sea in the north of Germany, we were both high-performing athletes playing youth Bundesliga football at Holstein Kiel before being offered NCAA scholarships to play soccer at universities in America.


I did my bachelor's degree in Business Administration as a NCAA D1 athlete at Fordham University in New York City. Getting hired by Rocket Internet in New York after school, I went on to lead commercial departments focussing on B2B operations and large industry projects.

Deep in my 5th year in the US, I decided to move back to Europe to pursue further education, which led me to study a mix of management and tech at Copenhagen Business School finishing my masters thesis doing a case study with the AI startup I was the commercial director for at the time.

A return to Germany, in this case Berlin, was followed by some time in consultancy & company building at Bridgemaker working on large B2B deals with Rolls Royce or Atlas Copco.

I left the consultancy world realizing my future will be in sales and tech - ideally with a focus on AI, which fascinated me since my masters days.


I was a student-athlete studying Architecture at the only art school in the NCAA called AAU in San Francisco. Being fascinated by Silicon Valley and the dynamics of people and business, I interacted heavily with the startup scene and met founders at YCombinator that I started working with. I took business modeling courses focused on tech at Stanford and exchanged with different startups in addition to my studies to dive deeper into the ecosystem.

Moving to New York City right after my Bachelor, I first worked in Sales & Marketing at YCombinator startup Bluesmart while transitioning over to B2B marketplace Storefront. Shortly after completing Techstars in New York, I jumped on board to lead Business Development from Seed to post Series A in the US.

I also started building digital products on the side and went more into design and the management aspect of software connecting my experience from Architecture and the commercial insights at work.

I was always amazed by the speed at which you can start a software business, from idea to first customer and revenue, which felt superior to the speed you design and build at in architecture.

Doing a masters in Innovation Management & Entrpreneurship at KTH in Stockholm brought me back to Europe and allowed to fully jump into my product passion.

How we built Along:

Along was started after realising issues in sales processes when working with other B2B firms.

Remembering the pain points from previous work experiences as sellers, we gained new insights working on the buyer side while freelancing during Covid.

→ Selling is hard, but buying really is harder!

Complicated, multi stakeholder buyer journeys for prospects and a lack of transparency in the late stage pipeline for sellers make B2B deals a game of luck and guestimations.

Looking at firms misusing Google Docs or Notion Boards to solve a fraction of the actual pain point, we saw that building a new software solution was obvious and necessary.

We have developed the Along Thesis & Method that sales and customer success teams praise. Read more about it here

With a high bar for user experience and a clear value proposition, Along is the missing solution in the modern revenue tech stack for data-driven deal closing.

We are backed by some of the best entrepreneurs and funds around the globe including Victor Riparbelli (Synthesia), Philipp Westermeyer (OMR), Philipp Moehring (, Alex Chung (Giphy), and many more.

Our team

We are a group of passionate builders compiled of B2B sales experts, product specialists, and machine learning & engineering brain.

Our backgrounds stem from different nationalities, an international mindset, and a wide range of experience within the corporate and the startup world.

We believe it is the right balance between genius and madness.

Work with us

We are building a global brand in the B2B sales and customer success space.

Join 3,760 sellers worldwide to create a sales experience that makes buyers buy.