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Working with >80 prospects in Alongspaces & reducing sales cycles by 31%

Florian (CEO) and Julius (Head of Go-To-Market) discuss with Julian how Alongspaces helped Syntinels to create a consistent buyer journey while creating urgency & momentum in 5-digit deals.

B2B SaaS: Creating executable demo to close motions with >80 prospects to decrease sales cycles by 31%

Florian Dostert (Co-Founder and CEO) as well as Julius Dany (Head of Go-to-Market) both work with customers at Syntinels - an incredible sales solution for hyper-personalized outreach based on triggers like relevance or timing. They are focussing on the DACH region and help firms to fill their pipeline with relevant leads. Through the application of their trigger approach, Syntinels is able to use a prospect’s current situation to evaluate the perfect time for outreach. If you have problems qualifying leads and scheduling demos, Syntinels is the ideal solution to be implemented in your top-funnel process.

Florian and the Syntinels team have been working with Along since Q3, 2023. They are using Alongspaces for pre-sales and customer success to create an ideal buyer journey from a first call to a fully onboarded client. Syntinels uses Along in connection with their Pipedrive CRM and different pipelines to create one face to the customer and allow buyers to never be lost in the process.

Implementing Along in their process has allowed them to easily structure a consistent sales process using templates. Sending an Alongspace as a hub for deal information, details and next steps enabled Syntinels to create momentum and drive closings in a coherent way.

Increasing deal velocity by 31% - essentially saving around 1/3 of the time a closing took before using Along resulted in saving thousands of € for them.

Helping buyers to decide for a closing faster also results in winning more deals and Syntinels was able to additionally benefit from structuring follow-ups based on buyer engagement. They use Alongspaces and the recommendations of the Along brain to send out content nuggets to their buyers at the right time with the right message.

The Alongspace Setup

Florian, Julius and the team have created over 80 Alongspaces and used them to decrease their sales cycle length by 31%. They also use the data from the Alongspaces to faster build revenue pipeline in their CRM.

How did Syntinels become so successful? We have outlined their approach below:

1. Connect Along to the CRM

- After connecting Along and Pipedrive in 2 clicks Syntinels was able to create Alongspaces directly from their CRM by accessing templates. 

2. Create an Alongspace template based on your process

- Along provides several pre-saved templates, so they could get going right away. 

- Syntinels started with a first template and built different versions of that based on their ICPs and deal structures after.

3. Evaluate buyer engagement and insights

- Syntinels presented the Alongspace in their demo and send it out after as a follow-up to their buyers, which starts a timeline that reports engagement from different stakeholders.

- Along analyses the activity and provides highlights, summaries, and recommendations for next steps. Functioning like a Co-Pilot, Syntinels was able to rely on the Alongspace as an additional sales rep in their unit delivering objective and truthful insights to close the deal.

4. Use insights to optimize your sales process

- Along allows sellers to get an understanding of their buyer’s actual sentiment in the deal. It’s a silver bullet to look behind the curtain of buyer’s intentions.

- Florian, Julius and the team were able to use Along’s recommendations to focus on the relevant next steps without wasting time on activities that don’t advance the deal. Essentially, they were able to cut out the noise and focus on what really matters in the respective situation.

“Before Along, we focussed on using a lot of data to get leads into a demo just to give the process away to a mix of hope, luck, and randomness. Along is the perfect addition to our solution as we finally have data for our demo to close motion and can rely on objective metrics” - Julius Dany, Head of GTM

I spoke to Florian and Julius on a video call and we dove deeper into their usage of Along to become better sellers and ultimately a more customer-centric organization. He explained how buyer data helps them to focus and understand what prospects really want instead of just guessing what it could be.

If you want to better understand how Along can help your firm as well, please watch the video above in which Florian and Julius outline their strategies and details. “Along is a game changer” as they often say.

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“Along is a game changer when working with complex deal and multi-stakeholder structures in B2B sales. Using it, feels like having superpowers”

Florian Dostert
CEO at Snytinels

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