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Engaging >100 prospects & increasing win rates by 24%

Philipp Schrader (CRO) and Joshua Thanner (Head of Sales) speak with Julian about how to use Along’s buyer engagement platform in the B2B SaaS world selling to different buyer personas.

B2B SaaS: How to engage >100 prospects and increase win rights by 24%

Philipp Schrader (CRO), Joshua Thanner (Head of Sales) both work at OMR Reviews - the main independent comparison platform for software businesses in the DACH region that helps firms bring their visibility to the next level by showing independent reviews from various industry clients. OMR Reviews is the thought leader in the space and if you don’t work with them yet, you are wasting time.

Joshua and his team have been working with Along since summer 2023 and structure their demo to close processes using Alongspaces in connection with their Hubspot CRM. Creating an ideal buyer journey for their prospects, engaging them until closing and understanding what buyers are doing outside of calls has helped them to increase their win rates by 24%. Philipp joins them during pipeline reviews and they use Along’s buyer engagement score on their Hubspot deal cards to include an objective metric in their forecasting and general deal management.

They not only generate more revenue for OMR Reviews, but they also save time in creating Alongspaces from templates, structuring follow-ups with precision and identifying opportunities in their pipeline through the buyer engagement data from their connected Alongspaces.

“We came from not know anything post demo and literally dealing with a black box. Along gave us a flash light for the buyer side and allowed us to move from closing based on gut feeling to closing based on data” - Philipp Schrader, CRO

The Alongspace Setup

The OMR Reviews team has created Alongspaces, which helped them to engage >100 prospects and increase closing rates by 24%.

How did they do this? We have outlined the steps below:

1. Connect Along to the CRM

- After connecting Along and Hubspot in 2 clicks they were able to see activities, engagements and progress on their deal cards and in their pipeline.

2. Create an Alongspace template

- Choosing out of several pre-saved templates, starting was easy. 

- They used the template on a few prospects and constantly improved it creating different version for different customer groups, verticals and ICPs.

3. Analyse buyer engagement

-  Presenting the Alongspace in their demo and sending it out after as a follow-up to their buyers, OMR Reviews was able to directly overview engagement data and insights from their prospects.

- Along functions as a co-pilot and provides highlights, summaries, and recommendations for next steps. They were able to rely on the Alongspace as an additional sales rep in their unit delivering objective and truthful insights to close the deal.

4. Act on the buyer engagement

- The advantage of Along is to find out what buyers really think and where they stand regarding a purchase of your solution. The key to success lies in using this data for your benefit.

- OMR Reviews was able to do the right things at the right time -> plan follow-ups correctly, nudge buyers on relevant topics and provide valuable assets along their purchase journey.

I spoke to Philipp and Joshua on a video call and used the time speak about OMR Reviews' usage of the Along platform in detail. They explained how the insights from an Alongspace and enable them to get better at their job and as an organization in general.

Being customer-focused has a different meaning when you literally analyse what your customer's are doing to create your process around those insights. Just watch the video above if you want to find out more and start collaborating with your prospects instead of sending them random follow-ups.

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“At OMR, we use multiple software tools to convert deals and my sales colleagues are thrilled by Alongs vision, because it solves an essential pain point: getting from a first pitch to a final offer and closing.”

Philipp Westermeyer
Founder at OMR

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