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Working with Mutual Action Plans to increase sales efficiency by 30%

Vladimir (Director Business Development) talks with Julian about how SalesAR was able to leverage Mutual Action Plans to structure complex B2B deals

Vladimir (Director Business Development) talks with Julian about how SalesAR was able to leverage Mutual Action Plans to structure complex B2B deals.

Creating consistency and momentum in complex, multi-stakeholder sales processes to increase efficiency by 30%.

Vladimir Oleksienko is the Director Business Development at SalesAR and responsible for creating executable sales motions for the entire team when working with clients in 5 & 6 digit deals. SalesAR is a lead generation agency that focuses on market insight research for B2B firms firms helping them to sharpen their ICP and product offering.

Vladimir and the rest of the team have been using Along since Q4 2023 and primarily build trackable Mutual Action Plans for their pre-sales motion. They use Along in connection with their Pipedrive CRM

Selling a complex solution that requires the exchange of multiple content pieces and the green light of a larger buying center with multiple decision makers isn't easy. SalesAR approached with the problem of not being able to structure the process to create consistent closings. Deals would fall through without the ability to understand reasons or how to prevent it.

Using Alongspaces and the Mutual Action Plans at the core of our platform enabled SalesAR to visualize the buyer journey, make sure there is constant alignment and expectation management as well as being able to track what buyers are doing at all points throughout the deal.

Our Along brain helps them to make sense of the buyer activity and provides educated guesses for external meetings, the topics of those meetings, what are current objection points and what would be ideal next steps in the process.

The Mutual Action Plan Setup

It all started with the visualization of the different steps of a deal that were previously communicated only verbally. Making sure both sides have a reference point that displays what has happened, where the deal currently stands and what needs to happen next enabled Vladimir's team and their buyers to close deals like a digital zipper.

I spoke with Vladimir specifically about how Mutual Action Plans have changed the way sales is done at SalesAR and what they do to make sure new employees understand the process and are able to execute on it. We dove deeper into AE adoption inside the firm and the different ways of collaborating with buyers from different background and industries.

Being able to sell with an innovative solution that provides benefits for both sellers and buyers is rare. The usage of Along allows teams to bring every stakeholder together in a single hub and make sure that the process is streamlined and smooth.

In the end Along was built to make buyers buy!

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“Mutual Action Plans have made the collaboration with buyers on complex deals a total breeze"

Validimir Oleksienko
Director Business Development @SalesAR

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