What is Along?

B2B Sales today is hard

77% of B2B buyers describe their last purchase as problematic and complicated

The B2B buying journey - Gartner 2022

Modern B2B Buyers demand an always-on purchase process

Need all info personalized

Mc Kinsey 2022

Want a B2C  experience

Gartner 2021

Little time to talk to Sales

HBR 2022

Because B2B buying is a mess

Your buyers are lost

B2B Buying isn’t predictable and usually happens simultaneously in back and forth across the buying jobs outlined below.

Successful B2B sales happen by guiding the buyers through the process

Along offers a collaborative interface that allows you to build a personalized and customer-centric sales process. We enable modern B2B sales teams to help their buyers buy.

Make it easy for your buyer

You are not a seller in your own firm, but a teacher to educate prospects on how to buy from you. 🎯

Our mission

Building Along with sellers & buyers in mind

We have created our solution after experiencing problems in B2B sales from the seller and buyer perspective.

The relationship between them is at the core of our drive and we focus on maximum collaboration.

Welcome to Along - a new vertical for complex B2B Sales