Deal co-pilot - Buyer engagement & Along brain

Analyse your buyer engagement
with the Along brain.

Use our smart co-pilot as an additional sales rep that provides summaries or recommendations for next steps.

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Our co-pilot doesn’t sleep.

Alongspaces and our Along brain are online 24/7 so that your buyers can always buy from you.

Send context-driven follow-ups and material based on insights.

Manage your prospects and get objective insights into their perspective of the deal.

Identify deals with have closing potential in your pipeline.

Reactivate hidden deals based on your understanding of your buyer's engagement.

Master your timing along the entire sales cycle.

Be informed when a buyer joins or visits your Alongspace, get relevant details about the engagement and reach out when your solution is top of mind.

Get instant notifications.

Get notified instantly via email, Slack, in Along or in your CRM when a buyer becomes active or performs specific activities.

Qualify engagement in real-time.

Gain a deep understanding of each visit and receive relevant highlights to understand your buyer's journey in detail.

Get insights during the off-times in a deal.

Use Alongspaces to get a full understanding when buyers are active and can be closed or when they need additional nurturing.

Improve qualification.

Use Along's recommendations and insights to understand which deals are worth it and when to save ressourcs.

Create momentum.

Keep your prospect's engaged at all times and equip them with options to better sell your solution internally.

G2 and OMR Reviews

What our customers say about our co-pilot.

OMR Reviews
Time tracking, which allows me to see what is currently important to my customers, massively increases efficiency and engagement.

René F.

Customer Success Manager

OMR Reviews
Along helps us see how our potential customers interact with our B2B materials. This way we can time the right moment for a follow-up. We hadn't had this visibility in the B2B sales process before, which makes sales easier.



OMR Reviews
Along is easy to use and super helpful for communicating with customers in a structured manner and making the sales process more efficient. The customer support is great and the team is very helpful.



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