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Create Alongspaces as a hub for every deal and make your buyers buy.

Establish a repeatable and scalable buying experience that will impress your prospects.

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Integrate various content types, formats, & details.

Use Alongspaces to share all kinds of information that help different stakeholders to make a decision about your solution.

User-Friendly Interface

Alongspaces are designed with a high bar on UX and intuition.

Customizable Templates

Duplicate your best performing Alongspaces to save time and effort.

Collaborate internally and externally.

Take advantage of internal and external views in your Alongspaces to align with your team and your prospects simultaneously.

Easy access control

Decide what different stakeholders can see in the Alongspaces to always be in control of your deals and stakeholders.

Align on and plan next steps in the same place.

Use Along to outline next steps with your buyers and get faster
buy-ins  from all stakeholders involved.

Simple product notifications

Use Along to send out automatic notifications based on trigger events.

Fast internal discovery

Create Mutual Action Plans to always create next steps in the process.

Use proven templates for
repeatable wins.

Choose a variety of templates from our library and optimize them for perfection to ideally fit to your needs.

Create branded templates in your own visual identity.

Select fonts, colors, and images to always stay on brand.

Understand you buyer engagement across different Alongspaces simultaneously.

Access all of your deals from an overview tab and directly understand where you are standing with our prospects

Learn from past successes and include them in your future processes.

Replicate the process of your best performers, allow other reps to access it and elevate the whole team to new heights.

G2 and OMR Reviews

What our customers say about Alongspaces.

Jan S.

Founder Associate

“Excellent way to align and digitalize more complex sales and onboarding processes.”

Philipp S.


“The easiest way how to make an action plan clear in a multi-stakeholder sales process.”

Julius D.

Head of Growth

“The perfect tool to align with your buyer using a well-designed success plan.”

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