Use MEDDICC in Along as a next-gen sales experts πŸ’‘

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February 3, 2023
Use MEDDICC in Along as a next-gen sales experts πŸ’‘

At Along, we think about sales from a holistic perspective. A sale is not just the signature under a contract or the transfer of money from a buyer to a seller. We understand sales as a symphony between different stakeholders that all play an important role to find alignment and shake hands 🀝


Use MEDDICC templates inΒ Along


Therefore, we are building our tool as a virtual table where all deal-relevant people can have a seat and find a solution.

We have found a lot of inspiration in the MEDDICCΒ (Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Identify Pain, Champion, Customer) sales methodology by Andy Whyte, which helped us to think deeper about how to build the ideal solution for sales in an increasingly complex B2B world. A Mutual Action Plan (MAP), sales enablement features, cooperation and collaboration mechanisms or modern buying experience functionalities are just a glimpse into the tool kit Along will provide.

We specifically loved Andy's focus on understanding needs and requirements of key stakeholders to build a repeatable and scalable process for alignment. Along is transforming this idea into a single tool, which builds the foundation of the seller <> buyer relationship. Below are a few of the roles that could use our solution πŸ‘‡


Buyer-sided stakeholders πŸ’³

  • Champion - The champion is a high-level decision maker who has a stake in the success of the project and can help navigate the sales process.
  • Economic Buyer - The economic buyer is responsible for making the final decision to purchase and is typically concerned with the financial aspects of the deal.
  • Decision Maker - The decision maker is the person who has the authority to approve the purchase and is responsible for the implementation of the solution.
  • Technical Buyer - The technical buyer is responsible for evaluating the technical aspects of the solution and making sure it meets the company's needs.
  • User Buyer - The user buyer is the person who will be using the product or solution on a daily basis and is often the most influential stakeholder in the decision-making process.
  • Coach - The coach is a mentor or advisor who can help guide the sales process and provide valuable insights and recommendations.
  • Influencer - The influencer is a person who has a strong relationship with one or more of the stakeholders and can help sway their opinion or decision.
  • Procurement Team- The procurement department is made up of purchasers who makes sure their organization gets the best value from anything they buy.
  • Lawyer - The lawyer is mainly involved in enterprise sales and makes sure NDAs, Master Agreements and contracts are on point.


Seller-sided stakeholders 🏷️

  • Sales Rep - The sales rep is the person responsible for representing the seller and communicating with the customer.
  • Sales Manager - The sales manager is responsible for overseeing the sales rep and ensuring that the sales process is moving forward in the right direction.
  • Solution Specialist - The solution specialist is a subject matter expert who can provide technical knowledge and expertise to the sales process.
  • Product Manager - The product manager is responsible for the development and management of the product or solution being sold.
  • Marketing Team - The marketing team is responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns that support the sales process and drive customer engagement.
  • Operations Team - The operations team is responsible for managing the delivery of the product or solution and ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the solution.


If you belong to one of the groups above, sign up to our waitlist and bring your sales process to the next level. The Along tool not only helps you to "WOW" your buyers, but to shorten your sales cycles, increase your conversion rates and onboard paying customers faster. We provide a silver bullet in a single interface!


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