🏖 Our mission

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September 7, 2022
🏖 Our mission

Along is the happy alignment tool for harmony in buying experiences 🤝

At Along, we believe in the power of harmony through alignment. Not as the absence of discourse but as the result of informed decision-making between different parties. Through the usage of collaboration, we are building a software product that allows people in business to reach agreements and align together so they can lay a robust foundation for building something great.

We are creating Along with a vision based on three fundamentals:

🤲 We believe in the power of cooperation as it has helped us tremendously on a personal level and is the primary driver for most human advancement. Cooperation provides us with strengths beyond our capabilities and works best in harmony.

❤️‍🔥 We believe in independence and the power of passion. People put their all into something if their heart is in it. Imagine being in flow while working.

🎨 We believe in the strength of design and intuition. Specifically when it comes down to the products and interfaces, we are using. There is magic in the details!

Looking at how we work today, most internal workflows (within teams) connect in cloud-based tools, which streamline our work and arrange a fluid division of labor.

However, external workflows (e.g., sales and onboarding) don't happen that way. We still work in disconnected tools with multiple touch points. This ping-pong style back and forth with static file types and emails is what we have done in the 2000s.

Scattered information across different channels causes frustration and sometimes chaos - mainly though it causes pain. No one likes a PDF proposal_V11-Final-Final-Final.

We are creating Along as a connected agreement platform that simplifies how different parties align and reach agreements. The foundation is a design-based collaboration tool that functions as a single source of truth. We allow users to create their own rich content and integrate external information from other sources in a single interface - enabling an ideal decision-making layer to create "harmonic alignment".

Along draws inspiration from tools like Figma or Miro that redefine how applications are used across sectors and industries. These software types have revolutionized the way people work together or access information by putting design and collaboration at the product's core. We use the same approach to rethink informed decision-making.

Besides inspiration from other great teams and products, there are additional socio-economic trends that align in the Along solution and provide a ground swell for the harmony revolution:

  • Turning silos into cooperation - connecting the dots and eliminating fragmentation. Proposals, offers, or quotes are created together, and agreements are coined in direct collaboration. We are making outsiders become participants.
    Along is the intersection of internal and external alignment.
  • Consumerizing B2B products - most of the global workforce is occupied by Millennials and soon Gen-Zs, who are used to seamless and joyful interface designs from their personal life. They want the same fluid user experience for their business operations.
    Along is the business tool designed with fun in mind.
  • Building tomorrow's workforce - Work has shifted from primarily in-person to mostly digital. We build tools that simplify sales processes and focus on the future of work. Through integrations with other software solutions, we build a perfect symbiosis for our users that takes away major pain points and media misalignment.
    Along is the revenue machinery for digital innovators.

As a result, Along allows people to grow businesses out of their biggest asset - collaboration.

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