Mutual Action Plans - Happy Sellers 🤝 Happy Buyers

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January 12, 2023
Mutual Action Plans - Happy Sellers 🤝 Happy Buyers

Alignment via Mutual Action Plans

In the world of B2B sales, alignment between sellers and buyers is the lifeblood of every deal. In an ideal state, buyers want to buy as much as sellers want to sell. Most of the times this looks a little different as sellers need to guide a buyer to a purchase. This guidance almost always happens in email exchanges plus various attachments and links, with occasional (video) calls and follow ups. It is a process that hasn't really changed in the last 20 years since Email became the main channel for company communication and file sharing.

In a world where a lot of internal company workflows already happen in browser based tools, it is almost fascinating that email still rules the main source of revenue - sales! Specifically when realizing that not only the world in general, but also sales in particular have become more complex. 77% of B2B Buyers describe their last purchase process as difficult and this is not going to stop by sticking to outdated email negotiations. There are 6-10 decision makers on a typical B2B deal and they all bring 4-5 information pieces into the deal. What you end up with today is a lengthy email chain where different stakeholders are brought in as CC or excluded from specific emails leaving you with a patched up thread that has everyone confused and frustrated.

We, at Along, are aiming to change that and build a tool that benefits both sellers and buyers by bringing all related deal stakeholders on the same page. We create a unique solution that enables sales to happen in collaboration instead of silos and creates happiness for all stakeholders 🫶

The firms we are working with are doing B2B sales in various forms as startups, scale-ups or agencies. They use Along as the primary interface between them and their buyers. Individually build or directly created out of the firm's CRM, an Along link features a road to purchase at its core. It's a mutual action plan (MAP) with tasks for sellers and buyers that will guide the deal to conversion and onboarding of the new customer. Every step in this purchase MAP is connected to stakeholders, sales material and other information necessary for the individual task and collective deal completion.

Sellers also integrate functionalities and resources from other tools into Along, making it the single source of truth for all deal-related material. Additionally, Along provides analytics into the buyer behaviour so that sellers can evaluate their performance and improve their own processes.

Along is the new way of selling in 2023 where collaboration is more needed than ever.

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