For Sales

Win more deals with a Digital Sales Room.

Along is the customer-facing extension of your CRM.
We allow you to create repeatable, scalable and winning sales cycles with your stakeholders in mutual plans.

Mutual plans

Guide your buyers with mutual plans

Build a road to purchase for your buyers and streamline potential friction points early on.

Stakeholder Managment

Align all stakeholders in a single point of reference

Manage and orchestrate all stakeholders and map out the buying organization early on for better deal preparation and management.


Track and analyse buyer behaviour at all steps

Overview what buyers are doing in the Alongspaces and understand blind spots in their journey to enable faster purchases.

Why teams 💙 Along

Collaborate seamlessly with all stakeholders in a single
interface and don’t leave deal slippage a chance.

How ComX is using Along to be unstoppable.

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OMR is fascinated to win deals faster with Along.

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Charles sees the potential of Along to be exceptional.

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Guide your buyers
with Along

You can learn from the best sales people in the field and use Along to become the #1 sales leader in your field.

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